Angry Dayo Amusa fires back at Femi Adebayo’s wife, Bob Risky wining well best female at an event


Nollywood Actress Dayo Amusa Clashes with Femi Adebayo’s Wife Over Bobrisky’s Award

In the bustling world of Nigerian entertainment, controversies are not uncommon. Recently, a heated exchange between Nollywood actress Dayo Amusa and Aduke, the wife of her colleague Femi Adebayo, has sparked considerable attention. Let’s delve into the details of this feud and the subsequent responses.

It all began when Dayo Amusa publicly criticized Femi Adebayo’s decision to award Bobrisky the title of ‘Best Dressed Female’ at a prestigious film premiere. Voicing her discontent on Instagram, Dayo expressed her disapproval of what she perceived as disrespect towards female attendees at the event. She questioned the judgment of the judges and organizers, deeming it inappropriate to crown a crossdresser as the best-dressed female.

In response to Dayo’s criticism, Femi Adebayo’s wife, Aduke, entered the fray, accusing Dayo of attempting to undermine her husband. Aduke also highlighted what she perceived as hypocrisy on Dayo’s part for publicly denouncing Femi despite claiming to be his friend. This marked the beginning of a war of words between the two women.

Unfazed by Aduke’s accusations, Dayo retaliated, pointing out what she considered Aduke’s narrow-mindedness. She urged Femi Adebayo to acknowledge his mistake and take appropriate steps. However, Aduke fired back, questioning the extent of damage Dayo could cause and labeling her as hypocritical and evil-minded. Aduke mentioned Dayo’s private apology to Femi and her promise to retract her statement via video.

Not one to back down, Aduke continued her onslaught against Dayo, criticizing her interference and warning her against causing further trouble. She mocked Dayo’s intelligence and suggested that she refrain from involvement if she lacked the capacity to understand the situation fully.

In her latest response, Dayo dismissed Aduke’s criticisms, accusing her of being financially dependent on Femi and mocking her interference. She referred to Aduke as a troublemaker and suggested that her advisors had been negligent. Dayo reiterated her warning to Aduke, asserting that she should refrain from interfering if she lacked intelligence.

The ongoing feud between Dayo Amusa and Aduke has captivated the attention of fans and industry insiders alike. While the reasons behind their conflict remain unclear, it is evident that tensions are running high. As the saga continues to unfold, observers await further developments with bated breath.

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