Veteran Actor Zack Orji Jets Out To UK For Post-surgery Evaluation


Renowned Nollywood actor Zack Orji, who recently underwent two successful brain surgeries following a health scare late last year, has embarked on a journey to the United Kingdom for further medical evaluation. The actor’s departure from Nigeria to the UK was confirmed on Friday, marking a significant step in his recovery journey.

In December, the entertainment industry was rocked by news of Orji’s sudden collapse in his home, sparking fears and concerns about his health and well-being. He was promptly rushed to the National Hospital in Abuja, where it was revealed that he required urgent medical attention.

Following the alarming incident, Orji underwent two critical brain surgeries in Nigeria, much to the relief of his fans and colleagues. The successful procedures alleviated the initial concerns regarding his survival, providing hope for his full recovery.

Despite rumors circulating on social media earlier this week suggesting Orji’s demise, the President of the Actors’ Guild of Nigeria (AGN), Emeka Rollas, swiftly dispelled the false claims, affirming that the veteran actor was indeed alive and well. Rollas took to social media to reassure the public of Orji’s condition, quelling the rising anxiety surrounding his health.

Orji’s appearance at the airport en route to the UK for his post-surgery evaluation further reassured fans and well-wishers of his stable health. His ability to travel unaided underscores his improving condition and dispels any lingering concerns about potential health risks.

The veteran actor’s journey to the United Kingdom represents a crucial step in his ongoing recovery process, as he seeks additional medical support and assessment to ensure his long-term well-being. The Nollywood community and fans alike continue to rally behind Orji, sending prayers and positive thoughts for his continued progress and speedy recovery.

As Zack Orji embarks on this next phase of his health journey, the Nigerian entertainment industry remains united in support of one of its most beloved icons, eagerly anticipating his return to the screen in due time.

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